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Think you deserve a second chance? Post a ban appeal in this section.

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Forum rules
Format and Rules
  • Make sure you include the name of the administrator that banned you.
  • Your ban appeal will be handled by an administrator who was not involved in the original ban.
  • Do not post on other peoples ban appeals. Doing so will result in a forum warming or a ban.
  • You are responsible for who or what uses your computer. The "my brother did it" excuse will not work.
  • You must follow the format as mentioned below
Topic Title:

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[Administrator] Firstname_Lastname

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[b]Account Name:[/b] Your account name
[b]Date and Time:[/b] DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS
[b]Ban Reason:[/b] Why were you banned?
[b]Explanation:[/b] Explain in FULL TRUTH your side, why you are sorry and why you believe you should be unbanned. Include any screenshots here as well if needed.
[Seanny] John_Doe
Account Name: JDoe123
Date and Time: 28/04/2018 12:00:00
Ban Reason: Mass DM
Explanation: I got bored and I decided to kill everyone at the spawn. I regret what I did and I will not do it ever again. I admit to my fault and will do anything to redeem myself.
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