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[b]Explanation:[/b] Explain in FULL TRUTH your side, why you are sorry and why you believe you should be unbanned. Include any screenshots here as well if needed.
[Seanny] John_Doe
Account Name: JDoe123
Date and Time: 28/04/2018 12:00:00
Ban Reason: Mass DM
Explanation: I got bored and I decided to kill everyone at the spawn. I regret what I did and I will not do it ever again. I admit to my fault and will do anything to redeem myself.
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Tue Mar 27, 2018 2:24 pm

Account Name: JohnDoe
Date and Time: 27/03/2018 14:22:00
Ban Reason: Mass DM
Explanation: I was bored so I decided to DM everyone at the town hall. I regret doing this now and I will not do it again.
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