How to properly request a refund!

If you have lost items due to a script error or rulebreaker. Make a refund request here.

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Format and Rules
  • Don't lie about losing an item otherwise you'll be permanently banned.
  • Don't make a refund request if you lost it for an IC reason e.g. a robbery.
  • Have evidence of ownership of the lost item. (Witnesses are not considered evidence).
  • Do not make a refund request from other servers. We do not refund stats from other servers.
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Your character name - Item lost

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[b]Master account:[/b] Answer
[b]Your character name:[/b] Answer
[b]The item you lost:[/b] Answer
[b]Evidence of ownership:[/b] Answer
[b]Additional comments:[/b] Answer
Mia Thompson - M4
Master account: Curtis
Your character name:
Mia Thompson
The item you lost: M4
Evidence of owner ship: Images & videos. Chatlogs and witnesses are not considered evidence.
Additional comments: I logged out. When I came back online my M4 had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.
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