Format and Rules [READ ME]

In this section you will be able to report any gamemode bugs if you have found one.

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Format and Rules
  • If the bug has been reported before then please don't report it again.
  • Please have screenshots and evidence that the bug exists.
  • If the bug can be abused (e.g. to get money) then please PM Curtis or Seanny the bug and don't post it publicly.
  • If you're caught abusing a bug then you'll be permanently banned and all your assets will be removed.
Topic Title:

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Very brief description of the bug

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[b]Master account:[/b]
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Description of the bug (be as descriptive as possible):[/b]
[b]Steps to reproduce:[/b]
Additional comments:
Repair garage not fixing my vehicle.
Master account: Curtis
Character name: Mia Thompson
Description of the bug (be as descriptive as possible): When I go to the repair garage to fix my car, it doesn't fix and it remains damaged.
Steps to reproduce: Go to the repair garage and type /repair.
Additional comments: This happens in all the repair garages that I've tried to repair my vehicle in.
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