Format and Rules [READ ME]

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Format and Rules
  • Make sure you include the your master name, not your character name.
  • Do NOT post your IP, Password or Email here. An administrator will NEVER ask for your password. If they need your Email or IP, they will ask via Private Message.
  • Do not post on other peoples threads. Doing so will result in a forum warning or a ban.
  • You must follow the format as mentioned below
Topic Title:

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Master Name (i.e. username you use to when connecting to the SA-MP server)

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[b]Account Name:[/b] Your account name
[b]Date and Time:[/b] DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS
[b]Please explain what you need help with:[/b] What do you need assistance with?
[b]Other:[/b] Any other details you wish to provide. Do [b]NOT[/b] provide your email, password or IP.
Account Name: Seanny
Date and Time: 28/04/2018 12:00:00
Please explain what you need help with: I recently changed the password for my account and I forgot it which means I cannot play on the server.
Other: I changed the password recently, and I forgot it.
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